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Demand for HB LEDs is forecast to grow by 61% with supply unlikely to keep up

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USA - In a groundbreaking effort, IMS Research ( has released the first market research report characterizing the supply side of white and RGB LED production used for high brightness (HB) LEDs. HB LEDs, including GaN and InGaN, have been experiencing record breaking growth from early 2009 as a result of the rapid shift to LEDs in notebook displays.


While this growth continues to accelerate, other markets are also increasingly migrating to LEDs such as signaling, very large outdoor displays, digital billboards, personal lighting, automotive and industrial. In addition, LEDs are enabling the solid state lighting to penetrate the general lighting market.


Furthermore, the LCD TV market is now rapidly shifting to LEDs due to their improved performance, superior form factor and lower power. As a result, TVs should become the #1 market for HB LEDs in 2010 creating a supply shortage.


The report forecasts the extraordinary growth in large area display backlights by application and shows the capacity, yielded production and in-spec (binned) LED dies on a quarterly basis by LED supplier. By the end of 2009, there were 1,413 reactors at 75 manufacturers with a capacity of 188 billion die/year.


Barry Young, IMS Research Senior Consultant and Managing Director of OLED Association, the author of this report, said “Demand for HB LEDs is forecast to grow by 61% in 2010 and supply is unlikely to keep up, creating an opportunity for new manufacturers and new tool makers.”

The quarterly 178-page GaN LED report, including both PowerPoint Slides and Excel Tables and Figures, is available immediately.

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